Nikon D4: my back order

Just checked in again with the store. Their response:
“Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department.

We have received your E-Mail and will respond to you as quickly as possible. ”

More research via google produced this now stale info. Assuming 3 months production of 15,000 for world wide distribution I am still well back in the line. I am thinking it would have been good to hedge the order with a call option on Nikon stock.

N Photo (British Nikon only magazine) published an eight page report extolling the virtues of the camera two months ago. Fueling, I presume, the demand.
This month N Photo reports that Frakes the famous sports photographer has ordered 6 D4’s. Oh my!


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One Response to Nikon D4: my back order

  1. lcurtis45 says:

    More from the store:
    “Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department at store name.

    Unfortunately we still do not have an estimated time of arrival on this camera yet. Once we will have any further information, you will be notified via another email immediately.

    Thank you for shopping with us, ”

    However, I have received notice that they have the batteries for the camera and I have already received the very expensive but currently useless SONY high speed memory cards and reader……….

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