the box arrived – gold D4 sealed. I removed the battery charger, got my two additional batteries (arrived months before the camera) and began to charge.

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Whimsy and Serendipity

The delightful happening of something wonderful and unexpected tied to whimsy which makes you smile, and reflect on the meaning of the momentary departure from normal.   The best happens when you least expect anything joyful to occur.   A flower left on a pillow, a glance and smile, a gracious act of courtesy.   People are capable of the nicest thoughtfulness.  

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Maryland Photographers Are Often Prohibited from Entering Photo Contests

My photo of Anaconda Montana and the abandoned slag heap from the old days of smelting copper could not be entered in the Outdoor Photographer Magazine American Landscape contest because I am a resident of Maryland.  More on this subject later.

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Minding Little Sister

Minding Little Sister

The world over older sisters are challenged with how to control a younger sibling who has been left in their care. Here is one solution: Put your charge high enough on a fence that they can’t climb down. Then take a rest. SaPa Vietnam 2011

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What do I do with these? Store Delivers XQD Memory Cards amd EL18 Batteries

My retailer from whom I ordered a Nikon D4 in January 2012 has notified me that they are shipping me 2 Nikon EL18 batteries which are only usable in the Nikon D4.  I also have to very expensive XQD memory cards from them which are only usable in the Nikon D4.   I am reminded of the little boy whose parents thought they would punish him for his past year’s conduct by giving him a bag of horse stuff for Christmas.  When the boy surprised his parents on Christmas morning by smiling, they asked “Why are you smiling?”  ” I know you got me a pony for Christmas!  I can smell it.”

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Nikon D4: my back order

Just checked in again with the store. Their response:
“Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department.

We have received your E-Mail and will respond to you as quickly as possible. ”

More research via google produced this now stale info. Assuming 3 months production of 15,000 for world wide distribution I am still well back in the line. I am thinking it would have been good to hedge the order with a call option on Nikon stock.

N Photo (British Nikon only magazine) published an eight page report extolling the virtues of the camera two months ago. Fueling, I presume, the demand.
This month N Photo reports that Frakes the famous sports photographer has ordered 6 D4’s. Oh my!

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Nikon D4: where are you?


I ordered my D4 in January 2012 from a large NY dealership from whom I have bought cameras and lenses since 1995. The camera has not arrived yet. My birthday has passed. Father’s day is near and I have put off many of my usual photographic subjects till “it” arrives. Although Nikon makes ridiculously great cameras, they apparently are no so adept at market research. The new D4 and D800 are scarce as hens’ teeth. Hope there is an idiom for that.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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